This is hands down the most scenic and romantic walk in a park I have ever taken. I'll take you along through this series of photos...

The perfect view. 

Vast purple field everywhere!

 Little Ziyad who can't seem to keep a distance from me, haha (^_^")

We were on bluebells hunt last year, but didn't get the chance to see many bluebells in full vibrant purple bloom (see here for last year's bluebells attempt). This year, when we were down south, we went to the Arlington Bluebell Walk and Farm Trail in East Sussex. The entrance fee is £6.00 per adult and they only open on certain period of the year (April to May) - when bluebells bloom at their best (more info here). The walk and experience was truly magical and I'd really recommend this if you enjoy woodland walk or being close to nature in general :) 

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