Oh, hello!

There aren't that many people I call my family, but this bunch makes the cut - my Sheffield family :). Yup, we spend wayyyy too much time together, playing various games until late at night. But who cares, they are the family that feed our empty stomachs when we're just too lazy too cook, and the family that celebrates every little events with a small get together. Recently, we jointly threw a birthday party for Ziyad turning 3 and decided to spice it up with having a costume party. It turned out really well and everybody was dressed in movie characters and it was indeed a joyful event!

How cute are these mini superheroes cake toppers!

We have Batman vs Superman Spiderman...

And Joker who married Princess Fiona (from Shrek) and got a Bat-boy, haha.

 Spidey and the evil witch waiting to cast a spell on you... (ok, lame. haha)

Lady pirate and Charlie Chaplin.

The adorable Ben & Holly family. 

All the fairies looking pretty in pastel colors.

And then there's a different vibe going on here.. hmm...

This is my Sheffield family, the people that we reach out to for any help, the people that brightens our lives in Sheffield, the people that satisfy our cravings of Malaysian food, the people that we hang out together until 5am in the morning, the people that make road trips much more fun, and of course, the party friends who are cool enough to dress up fancy for this costume party! May this friendship lasts forever :)

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